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  • God·speed


    1. an expression of good wishes to a person starting a journey.

    Godspeed Supper Club is a dinner club that visits secret locations around Chicago. Simply book your reservation, show up at the provided address, and enjoy a night out that'll show you parts of the city you've never seen. No other supper club Chicago has is quite like it.


    Outings consist of multiple locations, including private dining and behind-the-scenes tours. You'll meet new people, visit fascinating places, and learn about local history—all in an intimate group setting.


    Sign up to be notified of upcoming dates, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook to receive updates. Guests must be 21 years of age to attend.

  • Q & A

    We get many questions about not only our exciting operation but also about the Chicago supper club scene in general. We get it; we attract a curious bunch that’s ready to eat and see anything. We wouldn’t have it any other way! While Godspeed Supper Club will always be shrouded in secrecy, read on to get some answers to common questions.

    What is Godspeed Supper Club?

    Godspeed Supper Club is a Chicago supper club that was created to help people recapture a feeling of wonderment—to make the world feel big again. You could also call it a secret supper club, or a variety of other names. (More on that later.) Each outing includes dinner and a behind-the-scenes tour of a unique location that is not easily accessed. Groups are usually 12 people total and transportation is included. Just show up to the provided address and enjoy the ride.

    What is a supper club?

    Here’s where things get tricky. Traditionally, the term supper club was used to describe restaurants that also functioned as social clubs. They offered a fancy dining experience with big portions and stiff drinks at a reasonable price. Think: prime rib, potatoes, and Old Fashioneds in a dimly lit restaurant with comfy booths.

    Do supper clubs still exist?

    They sure do. You’ll find many traditional supper clubs all across the Midwest. We’ve even been to one in Gainesville, Georgia. They began popping up in the 1930s and 1940s and reached their peak in popularity years ago, but they can still be found across the rural Midwest. They’re even making a bit of comeback, with new renditions of the classic supper club opening.

  • Are supper clubs a Wisconsin thing?

    Sure. Supper clubs are often associated with rural Wisconsin. They’re the kind of place where you’ll find wood paneling, dim lighting and deer antlers. The supper club menu for Wisconsin supper clubs might have whitefish dip, prime rib, and brandy Old Fashioneds. Maybe even a piano player to set the mood. But the term has also been used to describe dinner clubs, especially to those who live on the coasts.

    What is a secret supper club?

    Here’s where things get tricky. The term supper club is now also often used to describe an underground restaurant or closed door restaurant. They have become more popular because they allow chefs to experiment with food and concepts and allow diners to visit unique locations. Other terms have also been used to describe this clandestine operation, including:

    • Secret supper club
    • Secret dinner club
    • Underground dinner
    • Underground dining club

    What are some supper clubs near me?

    Sometimes it can be tough to find secret supper clubs. Some are simply advertised by word of mouth. For others, you may have to do a bit of internet research. Assuming you’re based in Chicago, you can check out the links to articles in the Press section of this webpage to learn about more Chicago supper clubs.

    But specifically, what will I be doing on a Godspeed Supper Club outing?

    Godspeed Supper Club is all about surprise. We take the planning out of your hands. You’ll enjoy a fantastic meal and see the city in a way most people don’t get a chance to. Show up on time and get ready for a great night. Forget work, put down the phone, and soak it all in. It’s one of the best things to do in Chicago.

  • How do I keep track of news about Godspeed Supper Club?

    The best way is to sign up in the text box on this webpage and hit the [Join Godspeed] button. You’ll be added to the email list for invites. You’ll also want to follow us on Instagram and Facebook because we usually share our invites on social media first. That way, you can get the jump. You can also check us out on Tock.

    Okay, I signed up and want to join. When will I get the location address?

    Once you purchase your ticket, we will share the specific location of where you'll need to arrive the day before the event

    Can I come alone?

    Yes! Godspeed Supper Club is a great way to meet new people in a small group setting. In fact, we'd say it's one of the best ways.

    Do you accommodate dietary restrictions?

    Yes, meals are prepared by accomplished chefs and this usually isn't an issue.


    “Footfalls echo in the memory, down the passage we did not take, towards the door we never opened."